Early #pietrade rolls. Market giving…

Early #pietrade rolls. Market giving some gifts so taking them early.

MU 55/53.5 #fuzzy rolled the 10 DTE 53.5 call up to 54 and 1 week out for 0.19 credit. Cb now 12.43. Almost recovered all the earnings losses. 2 more rolls should break even then will keep it going for profit.

WDC 10 DTE 69.5 CC rolled out a week and up to 70 for 0.11 credit. Cb now 72.34. A few more weeks to break even but may convert to a #fuzzy before then.

EOG wild 4 days ride. Down almost 5 when I sold the 43 DTE 112 outs for 1.29. Now back up and they were down to 0.60 so rolled out to new 45 DTE 115 for 0.5 credit. cb 113.2 if assigned. This was planned as a 3 week trade but made 50% in less than a week so will take it.

Sitting on my hands until Thurs. now.