RHT falling knife

I lost a significant amount of money on a pre-ER trade in RHT. I opened an Unbalanced Diagonal to try to claw my way back to profit. The chart looks really broken so taking a risk here but hoping to collect some income along the way.
BTO Jul27 140c x3, STO Jun29 146c x2 @ 20.95

Mama Cash summer kickoff

On pullback, added Fundies in FB, PANW, SSO, TNA, TQQQ, XLY. Jul20/Jul6 3×2, 63/45 dte.
Converted BA and DIA from unbalanced long diagonals to bear call spreads. Charts are broken. Attempting to get back to even.
ILMN Supercharger closed for profit. STC ILMN Jun22 275/280 BuCS @ 4.70 (2). Bot @ 3.91

CRM for a quick profit

I bot an unbalanced diagonal on CRM a couple days ago for a longer hold but it hit a profit decision point today so decided to TTMAR. It triggered a daily squeeze 8 days ago and extrinsic on the short calls was all but gone. Nice problem to have.
Bot CRM Jul18 130c (5), Sold Jun22 135c (3) @ 27.08. Sold @ 35.83.

PYPL team effort

@smasty160 and I teamed up to pick a financial stock to add to our unbalanced diagonal portfolio. Here’s my PYPL trade:
Bot PYPL Aug17 82.5c @ 6.09 x5, Sold Jun22 86.5 @.81 x4 for $2720 total.

#coveredcalls, #syntheticcoveredcalls

WDAY 3×2 #unbalanceddiagonal Want more…

#unbalanceddiagonal WDAY 3×2

Want some exposure to financial services and like WDAY chart. Oops! WDAY is in the software industry/tech sector. Thanks, @smasty160
WDAY 3×2 +Jul27 124/-Jun22 128 call ratio @ 17.20

SSO 3×2 ratio call spread


Bot 3/-2 SSO Jul27 115/Jun22 118 call/call @ 11.63
Will transform this into 5×3 ratio on a pullback after fed announcement. This is a nice trade for smaller accounts.

Jun 13 SPY Plan

Good Morning! Who agrees with me that the best commercial EVER was the Geico Wednesday (Hump Day!) camel?

So the #Saf-T trades are performing better than I expected, with very high degrees of protection. I have quite a lot of SPY that I had sold calls against for today, so the calls would be cleared by pre-ex-div tomorrow. They are in the money so I’m going to let the shares get called (if FOMC cooperates). Then I will clear and reset the 45-day 40-delta puts (protection is cheap again). I see that the Friday SPY puts have the dividend in them, so rather than hold shares for a div, I will sell a boatload of 1-strike ITM puts for Friday. Selling ITM puts is the same trade as a covered call, so this will be a way of getting the virtual dividend, coupled with extra premium that a call would bring in. Due to the upcoming drop in stock price on Friday for ex-div, I should get the assignment I want to re-populate the share position.

BTW, here is a pic of the price slices on my 3000 shares of SPY. Note the risk control in place on a 10% drop. A 10% market drop yields a 2% capped drop. This is great for higher yield cash storage…way higher than a CD/Money Market, but safe.

I’ll update here when my reset is complete, including the realized profit for the week on this trade.


Here’s a Hump Day remix….actually it’s a tad creepy 🙂

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