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I have gtc bto open order on and yesterday was div ex day I was looking for lower price to come to me for long term hold. and got this email from tos . has anyone else received in past something like this?
Dear Customer,

Please be advised that the following order has been cancel/replaced in your account ending in **** due to a dividend. The new order now reflects how much the dividend payout will be. You may change the order for this security via the trading platform or through the Trade Desk if desired. The order change is as follows:

Old order: BUY +500 WHFBL @25.21 LMT GTC+EXTENDED
New order: (Replacing #1821945515) BUY +500 WHFBL @24.80 LMT GTC+EXTENDED

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Dream big they say!


#t btc on gtc T,…


btc on gtc T, 9 FEB 18 38 CALL @.45 had sold on Monday for 1.01
goal 50%

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btc on gtc SPY put 26 JAN 18 265/260 PUT @.24 had sold for .59
50% return sto on 12.29.17

#spxstrategy BTC, SPX 31 JAN…

BTC, SPX 31 JAN 18 2540/2520 PUT @.30 had sold for .75
sto on 12.29.17 /closed at 50 % in 5 days ,i will take it.

#spxstrategy btc on gtc spx…


btc on gtc spx put , 2560/2540 @ .35 sold on 12.29.17 for .80
50% return in 5 days.will take it.

#spxstrategy btc on gtc spx…


btc on gtc spx 2565/2545 put @ .30 had sold for .75 on 1.19.17
predicted 11 days to 50% return but I will take 14 days.(holidays etc?)