SPX going bearish

#SPXcampaign Making several moves to bear myself up.

Sold to Open $SPX Sep 13th 2465/2490 call spreads for 7.65. This is a spread I sold Tuesday, covered yesterday, and now I’m selling again. Sounds nuts, but I really look at opportunities on a day to day basis. Each day told me something different in this uncertain market. Other than the commissions, I have no qualms about appearing erratic at times.

#RiskReversal Bought put spreads in two different expiries and sold one call spread to cover cost of both (almost). They are all different widths, based on what I expect to be able to profit, and what premium I want to spend.
Bought to open Sep 15th 2420/2405 put spreads for 1.25 (15 puts)
Bought to open Sep 29th 2400/2380 put spreads for 1.90 (20 puts)
Sold to Open Sep 29th 2500/2525 call spreads for 2.75 (25 puts)