SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Got caught in the down flush… these all could have been closed much better if I’d waited for the bounce.

In chronological order:
Sold Feb 16th 2650/2675 call spreads for 6.20
Stopped Feb 23rd 2450/2425 put spreads for 3.70. Sold for 2.00 yesterday.
Stopped Feb 12th 2550/2525 put spreads for 7.00. Sold for 3.75 on Tuesday.
Stopped Feb 9th 2565/2540 put spreads for 6.60. Sold for 2.20 yesterday.
Sold Feb 23rd 2690/2715 call spreads for 4.05.
Closed on GTC order: Feb 12th 2700/2725 call spreads for .40. Sold for 4.10 yesterday.
Stopped Feb 21st 2450/2425 put spreads for 3.65. Sold in #CondorRoll for 4.35 yesterday.

The only two put spreads I have remaining are the March 9th with short at 2300 and 2200. That’s likely all I will hold over the weekend, as we could have a Margin-Call Monday with a big gap down.