#CoveredCalls #ShortPuts – A little of everything.

ISRG: I got too bearish selling a covered call below my basis. Instead of rolling the call I’ll let the stock go at 180 (basis 192) and continue put selling. Should get to even or better much quicker.

Sold ISRG OCT 28 2022 205.0 Put @ 3.30

SPY: Rolling down a few covered calls for additional credit.

Rolled SPY OCT 21 2022 379.0 Call to OCT 21 2022 365.0 Call @ 4.05 credit (6.05 total now)
Rolled SPY OCT 21 2022 380.0 Call to OCT 21 2022 371.0 Call @ 1.90 credit (3.65 total now)

TBT: Might as well start reducing basis of my Jan 2025 long puts. Should easily have them paid for months and months before expiration. Will slowly add using put sale premium to build a bigger position. An additional hedge for the short puts getting run over at some point is a decent size long TLT position.

Sold TBT OCT 28 2022 34.0 Puts @ .60