#ironcondor COST Sold May 18,…

#ironcondor COST

Sold May 18, 160/170/200/210 for 1.17, stock around 185

#earnings #ironcondor FDX March 20…

#earnings #ironcondor FDX

March 20 sold a 225/230/270/275 April 20 earnings iron condor for 1.10. It went as low as 228 during these crazy days, decided to exit today for .70.

#ironcondor AMZN March 28, sold…

#ironcondor AMZN
March 28, sold April 20 IC for 2.00, closed today for .84. IV is still really high but I’m taking the gain.

Expiration /Rolled LABU CC / AMZN IC / Close Early BIDU BECS / FB BUPS

$SPX 2500/2525 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66

$LABU BTC 3/29 90 calls STO 4/13 87 calls for 2.14 credit
$AMZN STO 1180/1190/1610/1600 IC for 1.95 Thank you @thomberg1201
$FB STO 4/20 135/145 BUPS at 1.85

Closed Early
$BIDU 4/20 290/280 BECS at .15 STO at 2.05

#ironcondor AMZN 100% IV rank,…

#ironcondor AMZN

100% IV rank, down another 70 today sold April 20, 1180/1190/1600/1610 for 2.00

#ironcondor DIA followed Fauzia at…

#ironcondor DIA

followed Fauzia at TT May 18, 254/264/217/227 for 2.50

FB update

Hi everyone! The FB #PutRatioJadeLizard from yesterday was closed today for 33% profit. My target was 50% but, as you know, when a underlying hits the right-side slope of a Jade Lizard risk graph the accrued profits start dropping off. But I opened a new #IronCondor on it. Because the alternate sides have different strike widths I skewed the contract amounts.
Apr 20 150/155/182.5/185 5×7 IC (5 on put side, 7 on call side), net credit 5.83, BE 153.80/183.30

I plan to layer in a lot of SPY Put Ratio Jade Lizards whenever there’s a 20DTE on the chain.
Today: Apr 11 +273p/-272p x2 @2.37cr, -275/277 CCS @ .69 cr

A long time ago I wrote about waiting for a 3-of-5 bar 1-standard deviation up move before trusting a rally. It’s looking like that might be a good rally indicator, only because we can’t seem to barely get a 1-SD up move at all. In SPX we now have 16 straight bars I think with a 20-day 1SD up move rolling total of 1. I’ve only found 3 times in history going back to 1987 where we’ve gone this long with so few 1SD up moves. It speaks to the choppy nature of markets, and to not get faked out on rallies until a solid string of 1SD up moves unfolds. I’m watching it every day, will obviously keep posting about it.