#ironcondor AMZN Following a TT…

#ironcondor AMZN

Following a TT trade Sold March 16 1290/1300/1590/1600 for 3.05

#earnings #ironcondor GOOG This from…

#earnings #ironcondor #shortputspreadGOOG AMZN
This from TradeWise, the TD Ameritrade paid “service” (you can get 3 fee months for asking)
1107.50/1110/1222.50/1225 for 1.01
Not from Tradewise
AMZN Feb. 16 1417.50/1420 for 1.35, took a long time to fill

EA earnings

#Earnings Sold to Open $EA Feb 2nd 110/130 strangles for 1.27. Leaning on bullish side due to historical performance and trend. Biggest UP move: 13.7%, Biggest DOWN move: -7.5%, Average move: +/- 5.4%. Bias: +2.35%. My strikes are -7.0% and +9.9% OTM.


FFIV earnings

#Earnings Sold $FFIV Jan 26th 130/155 strangles for 1.60.
Biggest UP move: 9.6%, Biggest DOWN move: -10.0% , Average move: 6.0%.
Expected move: 8.90
My strikes are +/- 8.8% OTM


#ironcondor BIDU #shortputspread Feb. 19…

#ironcondor BIDU #shortputspread
Feb. 19 200/210/260/270 for 1.88 with BIDU at 234
AVGO couldn’t get filled on Feb. 250/240 put spreads, tomorrow maybe try again

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Since $SPX has been up only 5 times in the last 20 years on the last day of the year, I closed the put side of this #IronButterfly. Letting the call side expire.

Closed $SPX Dec 29th 2690/2665 put spread for 7.40. Sold in an #IBroll for 17.55 last week (with 2690/2715 calls)

Also, trying to shake up this dull market: Sold June 3rd 2650/2675/2690/2715 #IronCondor for 6.50. These expire in just two trading days. My expectation is a slight drop tomorrow and then an up day on Tuesday.

#ironcondor #jadelizard FB Followed Fauzia…

#ironcondor #jadelizard FB

Followed Fauzia at TT, sold a jade lizard with a margin reducing put. Feb. 2, 150/167.50/185/187.50 for 2.85