#ShortPuts – Adding here. Almost caught the high of the day on this one…

Sold SPY OCT 18 2019 270 Put @ 5.50


#ShortPuts – First sale in what I’m hoping will be a long term position. Been holding well over half my cash to start easing into this one. First sale down near the 200ma. VTI is probably a slightly better return but I prefer the liquidity. Now just need a chance to add a few more times.

Sold SPY SEP 20 2019 280.0 Put @ 2.96

7.8% annulaized if held to expiration…


#Earnings #ShortPuts – Earnings tomorrow but I’m going out to Sep for safety. Divvy yield of 6.42% at a basis of 39.20. Trade itself makes 14.9% annualized if held to expiration.

Sold STX SEP 20 2019 40.0 Puts @ .80

WYNN Earnings

#ShortPuts – Selling this early after a decent pullback this week. This is a straight put sale hoping it’ll talk the stock down a little to help me roll a 121 strike covered call. I my add a Lizard next week. Earnings next Tue after the close.

Sold WYNN AUG 09 2019 125.0 Put @ 2.40


#ShortPuts – I just don’t feel right when I don’t have a position in this one. One of my top performers last 2 years so jumping back in for (hopefully) a quickie prior to earnings.

Sold NVDA AUG 09 2019 167.5 Put @ 2.00


#ShortPuts – Taking this off a couple weeks early…

Bought to Close AVGO AUG 09 2019 265.0 Put @ .35 (sold for 3.40)


#ShortPuts – Not my smartest trade with this thing so extended and sitting near a quadruple top. Maybe this’ll stir things up a little. Selling just above the 50ma…

Sold SOXL AUG 16 2019 150.0 Put @ 2.30