Option Expire

SPX IC 1960/1965 1840/1835 expired worthless

Options Expiration 1/29

All at full profit
$AAPL 92 Put
$AAPL 107 Call (Covered)
$SVXY 35.5 Put
$EA 63 Put (Earnings Play)
$FB 84/$90 BUPS
$SPXW 1985/1960 BECS
$SPXW 1805/1830 BUPS

Bought Back for .05
$SPXW 2/5 2050/2025 BECS

Taking smaller positions. Feeling a little better. Thanks to everyone here.


Anyone play these on a consistent basis?  Would  shorting calls in each be viable as a way to take advantage of any drag or compounding issues each hold.


I use spy to beta weight my portfolio and would probably short more tna calls vs tza calls for more overall negative deltas as the market moves up on this countertend rally towards major fib lines.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Please let me know your experiences with these ETFs.


Thanks as always!





#OptionsExpiration for Jan 29 All…

#OptionsExpiration for Jan 29
All of the following expired. No assignments this week.

$AMZN 01/29/2016 505 puts
$AMZN 01/29/2016 710 calls (covered)
$AMZN 01/29/2016 725 calls (covered)
$CMG 01/29/2016 400 puts
$DUST 01/29/2016 20 calls (covered)
$NUGT 01/29/2016 40 calls
$SPX 01/29/2016 1955/1980 call spreads
$TZA 01/29/2016 75 calls

Have a great weekend everyone.


$UVXY $60 calls

$UVXY $80 calls

$UVXY $81 calls

$UVXY $82 calls

$UVXY $85 calls

Had a very large number of contracts expire today, so as @Iceman mentioned, as these weekly’s expire my account just gets more an more prep’d to be aggressive on the next volatility spike.  This market doesn’t seem to make us wait long for the next one.

$SVXY continues to suck the tail pipe, but $UVXY is kicking it.  Bunch more expiring next week.


#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Jan29 – another…

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Jan29 – another successfuly week selling premium. The most fun was the #EarningsCompression trades on $AMZN.

Also got to profitably exit some stock ($APA and $WYNN) recently acquired via Put assignment. I’d rather be long more cash and less stock during this bear market.

— Expirations —
AAPL (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 89 Puts

AMZN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 500 Puts
AMZN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 505 Puts
AMZN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 710 Calls
AMZN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 720 Calls
AMZN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 725 Calls

CMG (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 390 Puts
CMG (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 395 Puts (Covered)
CMG (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 400 Puts (Covered)

FB (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 84 Puts

NUGT (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 28.5 Calls (Covered)
NUGT (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 40 Calls (Covered)

URI (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 60 Calls (Covered)

UVXY (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 20 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 23 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 31 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 80 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 85 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 95 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 95.5 Calls

WMB (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 20.5 Calls (Covered)

WYNN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 70 Calls
WYNN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 72 Calls

— Assignments —
APA (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 39.5 Calls (Covered) Profitable exit
APA (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 40.5 Calls (Covered) Profitable exit

FCX (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 6.5 Puts – Going long some stock

WYNN (Weekly) Jan 29 2016 65 Calls (Covered) Profitable exit

Options Expiration 1/29/16


Expiring with max profit:
$AMZN 515/710 strangles
$DUST 20 calls
$NUGT 35 calls
$FB 89/84 put spreads
$SPX 1955/1980 call spreads
$UVXY 60 calls
$VLO 64 puts
$VLO 74 call

$FB 102 calls, going short stock, cost basis 105 (did not play that one very well)
$VLO 67 puts, part of short stock position being covered

Have a great weekend everyone…  I’ll be trading from Los Angeles next week!


$SPX Closed SPX Feb 12th 1625/1585 BuPS @ 0.10 Opened @ 1.25.

$WYNN #ShortCalls #Weeklys – Sold…

$WYNN #ShortCalls #Weeklys – Sold WYNN(Weekly) Feb 05 2016 73.5 Calls @ 0.64. Check out the 3-month chart. This strike price is at or above the highs since early November. One week until expiration.


$SVXY $UVXY – the volatility…

$SVXY $UVXY – the volatility trader’s golden cross is when the price of UVXY drops below the price of SVXY. As long as that relationship holds, the #VXXGame should be profitable.

I’m content to sit with my existing UVXY short Calls to expiration or a closing price of a penny. As the weeklys roll off, week by week, the buying power in my accounts increases. and leaves me set up to begin selling aggressively on the next volatility explosion.