Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those options rolling!

Rolled SVXY 7/10 110 puts to 7/28 110 for 0.65 credit
SVXY 7/7 150 puts to 7/28 125 for 1.65 credit
SVXY 7/17 95 puts to 7/28 100 for 1.3 credit

All were sold for 0.85-1.5 a few weeks back.

On vacation week of 7/21 so trying to move strikes a week out so don’t have to trade that week. We will be on Nantucket so can get internet if needed but more fun to kiteboard and hang on the beach with the family.

Reached a long term goal, was trying to get theta decay to over $400 across 7 different accounts, hit it this week with daily theta decay of $484. If I can keep that level long term may make more trading than working and I guess that would be considered professional level?!