Thurs trades. My day off…

Thurs trades. My day off so usually trade then.

SVXY 7/14 115 puts to 8/11 puts for 1.2 credit. Initially sold for 1.25
SVXY 7/14 115 puts to 8/4 for 0.79 credit. Sold for 1.25
SVXY 7/14 125 to 8/4 for 1.29 credit. Sold for 0.99
Trying to roll SVXY 7/28 110 put but tradestation seems to be having some connectivity issues at the moment. Will try after bike ride.

I now have nothing expiring next week for vacation but still have a ton of theta decay so will make money while kiting, boating, and generally hanging out on a beach, nice! Selling options is a good skill to have.

Hope everyone has a good week, Chris