Options Expiration 7/21/17

#OptionsExpiration #Earnings Decent start to earnings season, but a mistake with SRPT, where my position size was bigger than my normal risk level, so that loss significantly lowered the earnings profits for the week. I’m sticking with half the trade via assignment. Small losses with JNJ and UAL, but wins with FIZZ, NFLX, V, ISRG, MDSO, IBM, and PII.

— Expiring w/Max profit —
DRIP 28 calls
DUST 42 calls
ISRG 900/875 put spreads
NFLX 155/152.5 put spreads
NFLX 160/157.5 put spreads
PANW 130 put
PII 80/85/100/105 condors

— Assignments —
PANW 135 call, releasing my last batch of stock, now flat. Earnings trade entered Feb 28th, assigned stock, dipped as low as 107.31, then recovered to get me out. Made double the originally intended profit in 21 weeks (rather than the originally intended 1 week).

SRPT 39.5 calls, assigned short stock, cost basis 41.10 (half of position)

— Expiring with losses —
JNJ 130/132/133/135 condors, sold for 1.39 on Monday, loss .66
SRPT 28/31/36.5/39.5 condors, sold for .70, loss 2.30 (half of position)
UAL 78/80/82 call butterfly, loss of .40