After a week on vacation,…

After a week on vacation, had some trades that needed to be cleared out.
Because of trading I look forward to Mondays. At least I didn’t have any trading withdrawal symptoms while on vacation.
Your posts kept me updated on the market, thanks.
BTC SWKS July 28 95 puts at 0.05, originally sold for 1.25
BTC XBI July 28 76.5 puts at 0.12, originally sold for 1.02
Also the August 4, August 11, and August 18 XBI 76, 73, and 72 puts for 0.19, 0.17, and 0.21 and had all been sold for over 1.00. Did this mostly to free up some margin so I could go big on the WDC trade as somewhat of an earnings play, report on July 27.
Sold to open the July 28 WDC 90.5 puts at 1.04. I probably will not set up another ladder, the premiums seem to be high enough to sell weekly’s for a while. Once the premiums drop would reestablish a ladder.
Also sold to open XBI September 1, 77 puts at 1.10.
Because the market was up last week and I had a lot of theta decay I made more money on vacation that I would have made at work, that is always fun!
Looking at some other names that still have good premium despite the low volatility and will post those later in the week.