Snapped off a bunch of…

Snapped off a bunch of trades at lunch but did not have time to post until now.

SVXY 7/28 50, 62.5, and 55 puts at 0.03, 0.03, and 0.05. All sold for 1.10 or higher pre split
SVXY 8/4 57.5, 62.5 puts at 0.1, 0.11, and 0.12. All sold for 1.10 or higher pre split
SVXY 8/11 52.5 puts at 0.35 and sold for 1.25 pre split. This was to release a little margin.

WDC 7/28 puts 90 at 1, 0.97, 0.92, and 0.91. (each drop was the time it took to change between accounts) That is some fierce time decay!

The WDC trades are earnings play but will probably roll back into ladders next week and if they go ITM easy to roll this one down a point or 2 each week. Strong support at 86 if it breaches so could also convert to covered calls.

For those interested you can get better return this week on WDC with ITM covered calls. At lunch the 90 CC was trading for 88.21 so good return if called out. I was in a hurry so just hit the put button but could get better return with ITM cc and so skewing to upside despite the drop this morning.