No trades until expiration Friday…

No trades until expiration Friday but had some thoughts and observations. Sorry about the long post but most of you probably have the similar thoughts.

Don’t know about the rest of you but it seems my adjusted trades are the ones that pay the most once they finally become profitable. Especially true with rolled puts.
Sometimes an ITM covered call has better returns than a naked put and if the put is deep ITM sometimes quicker to get back to even by accepting shares and converting to covered calls.

I tend to do better in the long term with hard assets. Stocks, ETFs, because if assigned you have a hard asset. Futures can be hedged but once ITM they respond differently and harder to offset with the stock or other options. Also the margin requirements get funky once ITM.

Trading as a group has given me some ideas that I would not have realized otherwise. That has increased the returns dramtically and good to be here and part of the group. Keep the ideas flowing and THANKS!

Underlyings with weekly options are much easier to adjust and roll and I don’t think I will be trading anything that does not have weekly options in the future. No more /CL or /GC futures but may restart /ES strangles once VIX back above 12.

Compounding is hyperactive with weekly options. I am making more hitting singles and doubles by trading every week than by having the occasional home run. Trading every week except when on vacation is like pumping nitrous into the turbo on my car, rocket fuel on speed for your account balances.

I no longer look at trades as a single transaction. Now I look at trades as a series of positions with the ultimate goal of being profitable and can roll options into eternity or I stop breathing.

Thanks and hope I am giving everyone else some ideas as all of you have given me new trade ideas and underlyings I had not considered. Love the SVXY/UVXY trades on volatility spikes!

More trades Fri. or Mon. depending on how expiration and earnings work out and hope everyone has a good and profitable week.

Cheers, Chris