SPX exit trades

#SPX7dteLong Looks like a tough day for this one as SPX price currently in the dead zone. Sold to close $SPX March 26th 3930/3910 put spreads for 5.00. Condors bought for 15.80 on Monday. Hopefully will be a bullish day and can get something strong for the call side.

#SPX1dte STOPPED – Bought to close Mar 26th 3950/3970 call spreads for 1.35. Condors sold for 1.10 yesterday. It hit my stop (expected move) but was still closeable at only a small loss. Part of the problem with this one today was I sold it yesterday with 2 hours remaining, and market spiked upward into close. First time I’ve had to stop out of this trade since March 3.