#ShortPuts #JadeLizards – Rolling up puts (original sale was pre split) for additional credit and adding a call spread side on one of the puts for a Jade Lizard.

Rolled 3 TSLA SEP 16 2022 225.0 Puts to SEP 16 250.0 Puts @ 1.15 credit (2.40 total now)
Sold 1 TSLA SEP 16 2022 275.0/280.0 Bear Call Spread @ 2.90

EDIT: Added one more call spread. Overall profit to the upside is still close to what the original put sale trade was at. A little pullback but stay above 250 and profit is about 4 times the original put sale. Worth a shot. LOL

Sold TSLA SEP 16 2022 278.33/283.33 Bear Call Spread @ 2.60