I had to roll more Calls than I wanted to in LABU, TNA and TQQQ. But the ones I did roll were for pretty good credits and higher strike prices. A big monthly expiration cycle next week.

Shorts Expiring:
BBBY 26/13 Bear Call Spreads
LABU 15/10 Bear Call Spreads
SLV 17.0 Diagonal Puts
SOXL 12.0 Diagonal Puts
SOXL 11.5 Diagonal Puts
TNA 55/43 Bear Call Spreads
TNA 50/42.5 Bear Call Spreads
TNA 38.5/37.5/36.5 Diagonal Puts
TQQQ 43/30 Bear Call Spreads
UVXY 12.5 Diagonal Calls
UVXY 9.0 Diagonal Puts — #UVXYContango
VXX 20.5 Diagonal Calls