A big monthly expiration. A lot of old long Puts in VXX rolled off, but I was able to write against them one last time and recover the original cost yet again (more in fact) #VXXContango .
A big expiration in TNA and TQQQ (with the market really weak two of the last three weeks). Every short position in TNA expired(including the puts).

I will go into next week with almost no short options except short strangles in VXX and a few puts in SOXL and TQQQ.

LABU 10.0 Covered Calls
LABU 10.0 Diagonal Calls
LABU 15/10.5 Bear Call Spreads

SLV 15/17.5 Bull Put Spreads

SOXL 10/11.0 Bull Put Spreads
SOXL 11.5 Diagonal Puts

TNA 40.0 Diagonal Calls
TNA 41.0 Diagonal Calls
TNA 42.5 Diagonal Call
TNA 43.0 Diagonal Call
TNA 44.0 Diagonal Call
TNA 44.0 and 45.0 Covered Calls
TNA 60/48 Bear Call Spread
TNA 59/47 Bear Call Spread
TNA 58/46 Bear Call Spread
TNA 56/44 Bear Call Spreads
TNA 36.0 Diagonal Put
TNA 35.0 Diagonal Put
TNA 34.5 Diagonal Put

TQQQ 29.0 Diagonal Call
TQQQ 29.0 Covered Calls
TQQQ 30.0 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 31.0 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 32.0 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 47/33 Bear Call Spread
TQQQ 46/34 Bear Call Spread
TQQQ 45/33 Bear Call Spread
TQQQ 23.0 Diagonal Puts

UVXY 18/12 Bear Call Spreads
UVXY 9.0 Diagonal Puts — #UVXYContango
UVXY 8.5 Diagonal Puts — #UVXYContango

VXX 26.5/20.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 26/20.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 25.5/20.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 20.5 Diagonal Calls
VXX 10/17.5 Bull Put Spreads
VXX 13/17.5 Bull Put Spreads
VXX 14/18 Bull Put Spreads
VXX 15/18 Bull Put Spreads