It’s a Bear Market.
Lots of Covered and Diagonal Calls expired in LABU, TNA, TQQQ and even in VXX (unexpected).
Some Puts were rolled down in TNA and TQQQ, and some calls rolled up in UVXY.
Puts in UVXY and VXX were major gainers. And plenty of VXX puts are still on the books for next week.
LABU 14/10.5 Bear Call Spreads
LABU 9.0 Covered Calls

SLV 17.0 Diagonal Puts

TNA 40/40.5/41 Covered Calls
TNA 41.5 Diagonal Call
TNA 48.5/42 Bear Call Spreads
TNA 50/42.5 Bear Call Spreads

TQQQ 27/27.5/28 Covered Calls
TQQQ 36/28.5 Bear Call Spreads
TQQQ 37.5/28 Bear Call Spreads
TQQQ 20.0 Diagonal Puts
TQQQ 19.5 Diagonal Put

UVXY 20.5/12 Bear Call Spreads
UVXY 9.5 Diagonal Puts — #UVXYContango
UVXY 9.0 Diagonal Puts — #UVXYContango

VXX 28/21.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 25/21 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 21.0 Diagonal Calls
VXX 20.5 Diagonal Calls
VXX 18.5 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango
VXX 18.0 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango
VXX 17.5 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango
VXX 17.0 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango
VXX 16.5 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango

== Assignments==