I’m one of those silent…

I’m one of those silent watchers learning from everyone and I trade on a limited basis (because of my fulltime job and I’ve been handed my rear-end to me a couple of times.). I was an early joiner coming over from SMM and OMM. I have an enormous amount of respect for this community as I quietly follow many. I read this blog every evening! I will work to post more frequently. I appreciate all of those who post religiously! Thank you, thank you!

I’m back

I’ve not posted recently but hope to begin again.

Catalysts This Week?

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Manufacturing Index for February (Thursday)
PPI for January (Thursday)
Fed’s Cook Speaks (Thursday)
The Conference Board’s Leading Economic Indicators for January (Friday)

#shortputs $IIPR BTC 2/17 90…

$IIPR BTC 2/17 90 put at .75. STO at $4.00 on 1/19. Thank you @jsd501 for the idea.


#spx1dtee Sold to Open $SPX Feb 16th 4050/4070-4205/4225 condors for 1.00, SPX at 4142

Expiring: Feb 15th 4050/4070-4210/4230 condors, sold yesterday for 1.00.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Feb 16th 4045/4065-4200/4220 condors for 1.15, SPX at 4139, deltas -.06 +.06

Expiring: Feb 15th 4050/4070-4200/4220 condors, sold yesterday for 1.50.

MO Call Roll / SHOP Call

$MO BTC 2/17 47 call and STO 2/24 47 call at added credit of .18. Stock at 47.42
$SHOP STO 2/17 56 call at 56. Stock at 53.43


Bought to close UVXY Feb 17 2023 6.0 Calls at $0.01
Bought to close LABU Feb 17 2023 8.5 Call at $0.01
Bought to close SOXL Feb 17 2023 13.5 Put at $0.01

Join the Bistro Team

#Welcome Hello to everyone that is new to the site or has been watching for awhile. I would love for all regular visitors to become Contributors to OptionsBistro, with the ability to write your own posts. There is no obligation or cost to join, and you can write your own posts as often as you wish (or not at all). Becoming a Contributor makes it easier to post comments or questions, as well as control which notifications you receive.

Everyone can also enter #Welcome into the search box at right to see all archived posts about this sites’ features and details.

So please email me if interested in becoming a Contributor and I will reply with an invitation and instructions on how to sign up.

Thanks, and happy trading,



BTC FEB 15, 412 calls and STO FEB 21 calls for a credit of 1.16


STO Feb. 17, 24 put at .24 cents earlier this morning.


STO 4040/4060-4210/4230 Iron condor at 1.025 in the premarket this morning.