Closed Covered Call position on DXCM prior to earnings announcement after hours. Profit of $4,252.

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Managing DXCM CC Positions

DXCM has been on a wild ride since early March with a low of $182.07 and a high of $428.59. The increase has made it a significant percent of my account. Interesting challenge to manage. Protect on the downside after such a run up and leave some upside. Getting called away will trigger a capital gain that I would prefer to manage over time (make it long term).

In mid May I switched to a “ladder” of strike prices under the stock price to increase the protection. I was not able to protect all of the gain. The stock has dropped $90,775 in value. Options have increased in value by $59,625 for a net loss of $31,510. The position has a profit of $90,305 in 44 days.

The current position is below. 4.8% protection and 2.8% upside. Options are all Jun 19 expiry (monthly only).

Not sure if I have done the right management. If I had known the stock would go on such a run I wouldn’t have sold the calls to start with! Hope this might help someone manage a similar position. Comments/suggestions are welcome.

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