DXCM drops $90 after good earnings announcement…..


#coveredcalls, #dxcm

Beat up a little with DXCM CC Strategy as stock has dropped from $430 to $384

Short options have helped but hard to offset $50 drop in stock price.


DXCM up to $364.28 Expensive Roll Up of CC’s

Significant investment to maintain CC positions. Don’t want stock called away due to tax implications. Share of account value getting too high.

BTC May 15 $310 sold at $35.03 and closed at $62.95

BTC May 15 $320 sold at $27 and closed at $53.32

STO May 15 $350 at $28.24

STO May 15 $360 at $21.32

Leaves CC’s with strikes at $330, $350, $360.

#coveredcalls, #dxcm