#Eminis – I’ll be short an Emini after Friday. Already been selling puts against it to raise the basis. Since I don’t really have a lot to hedge it’s becoming more of a stand alone position. Rolling up a short put for nice credit while still leaving some downside protection.

Rolled /ES FEB 17 (Wk3) 2100 PUT up to 2200 @ 11.50 credit.

Basis in the Emini will now be 2230.


#Eminis – Thanks Fibwizard!

Bought to Close /ES DEC 16 (EOM) 2150/2010 Bull put spreads @ .75 (sold for 7.05)

And to help continue raising the basis on my short /ES hedge:

SOLD /ES FEB 17 (Wk3) 2100 PUT @ 10.50

/ES Eminis

#Eminis – Taking a little risk off…

Bought to close /ES DEC 16 (EOM) 2170 PUT @ 2.45 (sold for 9.25)


#Eminis – Bought to close DEC 15 (Wk2) 2050 CALL @1.40 (sold for 10.00 yesterday)

and on a little bounce this morning:

SOLD JAN 16 2050 CALL @ 30.75

This would get me short at 2080.75 Still short a couple contracts as a hedge and rolled those from Dec to Mar this morning. Today is the big quarterly roll day for the Eminis…Was short 3 contracts but covered one at 2058 breakeven earlier this week…grrr!

/ES #Eminis

#Eminis – Nice day to have a couple of these short to stabilize the account. I keep ’em double covered with short puts for cost basis improvement. Currently covered puts at 2050, 2000, and 1975 with double coverage at the 1750-1850 area further out. I’d probably go long there anyway…

/ES Emini adjustment

#eminis Sold the call side of my Jan strangle a little too soon. Currently holding Jan monthly 1900/2100 strangle for a total premium of 33.25. Rolled the 1900 put up to 2000 for an additional 12.50 credit.

Position is now Jan monthly 2000/2100 strangle @ 45.75 so breakeven of 2145.75 and 1954.25. Also holding a couple short eminis as overall portfolio protection so if we implode the put will be covered for additional profit. Also short a strangle in Dec and short puts further out and well below the August lows Waiting a little to add calls to those. I’d be happy to go long down in the 1650-1800 range if we get there.

#Eminis – Looking to scalp…

#Eminis – Looking to scalp 10 or 12 points or if it moves against me adding it to a core short position…helps to protect the naked puts of my strangles as well.

SOLD ES @2028.50…order in to cover at 2016.50 or at breakeven on a rally.