RH earnings trade closed

#Earnings. Sold to close $RH Sept 13th 157.5 calls for 16.00. #LongStrangles bought for 14.833 (avg price) on Tuesday. Small profit this time, but even if first day is minor this one tends to follow through almost every quarter.

YELP closed

#Earnings Sold to close $YELP 34.5 calls for 3.00 average price. Got a couple sold for a small profit this morning, but made the mistake of waiting for it to go higher and it collapsed instead. These are usually winners, but pretty tough to manage. I think I need to try trailing stops.

#LongStrangles bought yesterday for 4.23. This loss and the UBER win cancel each other out.

Earnings closing

#Earnings Sold to close first $SKX July 19th 35 long calls for 4.80 and 5.20. #LongStrangles bought yesterday for 4.38.

Sold more $CSX stock for 72.30. Cost basis 71.34.

SKX strangle

#Earnings Bought to Open $SKX July 19th 34.5/35 #LongStrangles for 4.38.

From current price at 34.75, I need a 13.6% move. Avg move on earnings has been 16.5%.