#Earnings Looks like I picked the wrong week for a #RevengeTrade.

After losing on an earnings condor I sold the $GOOGL ITM May 17th 1220/1120 put spread for 7.75 on May 3rd. I managed to get out for 8.55 by legging out, which I can assure you is not a relaxing endeavor with options that cost 80.00. I will look to take advantage of the next bull run, but not gonna mess with it now.


#Earnings #Rolling #revengetrade
Sold $GOOGL May 17th 1220/1210 put spreads for 7.75. Replacing my fully ITM spread of the same strikes expiring today.


Not really an #Earnings trade. Had been selling calls against some DITM short put spreads. With the yuuge rally into earnings the calls are taking some heat. With all the premium available I’m busting up the calls into short strangles and skewed fairly bullish.

Rolled OLED NOV 2 2018 125.0 Calls to NOV 2 2018 123.0/138.0 Strangles @ .05 credit