Update on SDC Covered Call Strategy after 422 Days….


Smile Direct Club has been a good candidate for writing covered calls against. The weekly option premiums are excellent. To date the combination is generating a return of 123% or 107% annualized. Stock price has dropped significantly from Jan ($14+) to Mar ($11). Option premiums have helped offset some of lost profit on the stock. Overall this remains one of our key positions.

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Is SDC a good candidate for covered call strategy?


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New Covered Call Position in SDC

SDC stock dropped following the recent earnings call. SDC covered calls have generated significant profits in my Schwab accounts. The drop in price created an opportunity to establish new covered calls in IB account. SDC has an interesting business model (changing the paradigm in the orthodontics). Two members of our family have had positive experiences with using the system.

The covered call positions were established with the purchase of 1,000 shares on the 8/17 and another 1,000 shares on 8/18. On 8/17 we sold 10 Aug 21 $7.50 calls followed by selling 10 Aug 21 $8 calls.

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