SPX 1-dte stopped

#SPXdte Put side stopped, bought to close $SPX Aug 26th 4080/4060 put spreads for 1.05. Condors sold for 1.70 yesterday.

SPX 1 die

#SPXdte Pressured on the upside this week… BTC $SPX April 1st 2855/2875 call spreads for 4.40. Condors sold Thursday for 1.00. Should have closed this Friday.

Also rolling the April 5th call spread I have. No trade yet.

I’m going to start watching Market Tide indicator more to help guide these trades. I’m putting up /ES 1-hour and 10-min charts, since these are mostly 1-day trades with a few that are 1-5 weeks out.

Anyone prefer $SPY to /ES for the Tide?