#earnings Orders Placed Tonight $AMZN…

Orders Placed Tonight
$AMZN Iron Condor 10/28 787.5/797.5/887.5/877.5 @ 5.20
$GOOG 11/18 720/740 BUPS @1.50
$AAPL BTO 11/4 118 call @ 2.54
$AKAM STO 10/28 51 put @ .63

#Elections#SPX Since 1950 we’ve had…


Since 1950 we’ve had 16 U.S. presidential elections and for those 16 election years the SPX has been up 12 of 16 times and averaged +0.22% from September 1st through election day. If you remove the two bear-market years (2000 & 2008) the September 1st through Election Day performance would increase to +2.19%. Additionally, for the past 5 bull market elections (’88, ‘92, ’96, ’04, ’12) the return has been +4.02%.

VIX Indicator updated, no SPX…

VIX Indicator and SPX chart are updated
VIX has crept down five days straight, but without any huge single-day drops. Downside warning not yet canceled… would need a close below 12.50.

Looks like Visa trade might work if it can remain quiet.

PG #earnings followed Tony V…

#earnings followed Tony V at TT on an 84/82.50 BePS for .46 debit, seems like old times.

$UA #Earnings Putting one on…

$UA #Earnings
Putting one on for tomorrow’s pre-market report.
Sold $UA Oct 28 35 puts @ .45.

SPX Trade on Small Account.

STO Nov 4 SPX 2190/2195 BeCS for $0.35
According to a friend selling one of this each week will get a 2.5% Return per week. I placed this on an account with less than $10k. Max loss is $465.
Any thoughts.
I added a BuPS on the SPX for the same expiry. 2085/2080 for $0.30 to complete the IC. No more Margin and more return.

AAPL BTO Feb 120 call@4.84…

AAPL BTO Feb 120 call@4.84 Plan to hedge once Apple gets above 120 or sell on earnings pop