VIX Indicator and SPX Chart…

VIX Indicator and SPX Chart have been updated

$SVXY this morning I received…

$SVXY this morning I received a note from IAB that I have to liquidate my put options in my IRA account by Dec 23. Having to do with restrictions on limited partnerships. Is IAB the only that does that?

DUST roll

#ContangoETFs #Rolling #ShortCalls
BTC DUST Dec 16th 63 call for 5.00. Sold for 5.25 on Nov 11th.
STO DUST Jan 20th 90 call for 5.50

$DUST #coveredcalls sold stock 67.30…

$DUST #coveredcalls
sold stock 67.30 (too early) watching for one tranche 67 call expiring tomorrow. Next naked call $65 Jan 20. Worst case I expect to buy back below $67 before expiry.

Gold looks to be recovering a bit

/GC bouncing off its lows for the last 2 hours or so. Some air coming out of $DUST but watching closely. I’ll likely have to roll my 60 calls for tomorrow’s expiration. But I may dodge a bullet on the 67, 70 and 90 calls. We’ll see.

SPX Trade


STO 2 Jan 20th 2290 short calls, @ 17.25, replacing the short calls I closed at 3pm yesterday…these were sold with ES at 2262 a few mins ago..lets see which way the Descending Tria breaks out ….

AMZN fat finger

#ShortCalls #IRA -Thought I had the closing order in for a nickel….but nooooo! Oh well…sell ’em again.

Bought to Close AMZN DEC 16 2016 780.0 Call @ .42 (sold for 4.10)

Sold AMZN DEC 23 2016 782.5 Call @ 4.00