#spxcampaign Sold Early $SPX 12/16…

Bought Back Early
$SPX 12/16 2275/2250 BECS @48% of total loss. If I were prescient and waited the loss would have been reduced by 25%.
$SPX 12/30 2050/2075 BUPS @ 88% profit

STO $SPX 1/13/2017 2105/2130 BUPS @ 1.35

STO 12/16 112 call (covered)
STO 12/23 113 put @ .60

SPX Call from Earlier


BTC 2 Jan 20 Short 2310 puts at close @ 9.50, sold this morning in a call spread @ 12.00, for a quick 25% gain…

while I got the sell down after the fed conf I wanted, and a close below the 2260 gap-up yesterday, and a reversal signal in my indicators, I will wait for a continuation of the reversal to sell the 2290 short calls…if it moves up a lil before it falls, thats fine also..The bottom of the 2nd Gap-up window is 2245, the 38% retracement of this runup since 12/4 is 2242…if we close the window and break below the 38%, we have a potential 40 point fall zone…if not the 2285 Expansion level looms overhead…stay tuned..

DUST call

#ContangoETFs #ShortCalls STO DUST Dec 30th 70 call for 2.00.

SPX Call Spreads Sold

STO Jan 13 2345/2370 call spreads @ 1.35…come on sell side!!!
Thanks for the great conversations today, out of here, to get supplies, before another snow/ice storm hits.

DUST calls

I have no positions on in this weekly so I sold these at the highest strike available.
Sold $DUST Jan 13 75 calls @ 3.00.

#MARKET It took a little…


It took a little while, but looks like we are seeing some sell the news starting to hit the market.

SPX calls spreads stopped

#SPXcampaign Stopped the following spreads on the Fed volatility.. both a bit too early and not at the lows. I have several rolls I need to sell, and will start doing so soon at the highs and lows of the swings.

Bought to close $SPX Dec 23rd 2275/2300 call spreads for 8.75. Sold for 1.40 on Nov 25th.
Bought to close $SPX Dec 30th 2280/2305 call spreads for 8.00. Sold for 1.30 on Nov 29th.