In my IRA, BTC Feb. 19, 60 puts at .01, sold at 2.72
I have one more trade to buy and I get my 2nd covid shot tomorrow so will not be here.


STC $ENPH 180 Feb-19-2021 #LongPuts @3.00

This was the long side of a #BuPS sold @1.50 on 2/16. Unless something changes radically, I’ll be assigned the stock on the 190 #ShortPuts at close tomorrow.

Rolled $LULU Feb-26-2021 360/370 #BeCS // Mar-05-2021 @0.50 Credit – was STO @1.25 on Feb 1.
Holding Feb-26-2021 325/335 #BuPS
Holding Mar-05-2021 330/340 #BuPS

BTC $NVDA Feb-26-2021 485/495 #BuPS @0.25. Was STO @2.00.

GP Put Closed / ALB Put Roll

$GP BTC 2/19 29 put at 1.20. STO at 2.80. Thank you @jsd501
$ALB BTC 2/29 155 put and STO 3/19 145 put at cost of 2.40. Stock at 143.25

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to open $SPX Feb 19th 3820/3840-3965/3985 iron condors for .95,, SPX at 3918, IV 13.9%, deltas -.06 +.07


Sold $CGC 3/10 32.50/27.50 bull put spread @ 1.11. Would take assignment at close to 31 if it the stock continues to tank.

SPX 7-dte

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX Feb 24th 3885/3905-3915/3935 iron condors for 16.40, with SPX at 3910.

Earnings updated

Sorry for falling behind, but if you refresh your browser you’ll see that the Upcoming Earnings chart has now been updated in the right-hand column.


BTC Feb. 19, 57.5 puts at .01, sold at 2.35


Furious Aussies React To “Zero Warning” Facebook Ban On News Content
What Facebook has blocked in Australia so far:

  • All news media (local and global)
  • Health authorities (and their pandemic/vaccine updates)
  • Police and emergency services
  • Weather bureau (during bushfire/flood season)
  • Domestic violence helpline
  • Politicians’ accounts

FB has said “government pages should not be impacted” and will be re-instated. Some of the other non-news orgs hit:

  • Fire services
  • Universities
  • Charities
  • Unions
  • State transport networks
  • Major retail shops
  • City councils
  • Energy companies
  • Sporting groups

Whatever you think about FB, this is likely to escalate

#tqqq BTC Feb 19 75…


BTC Feb 19 75 puts @.02, sold @ 3.45
thanks jsd501


Reaching out to next week’s calls
Sold VXX 02/26/2021 23.0 Diagonal Calls @ 0.22


BTC Feb. 19, 55 puts at .01, sold at 2.15