#ShortPuts – Whiz trade.

Sold MNMD JUL 16 2021 5.0 Puts @ 1.80

Then on my own in addition to his trade:

Bought MNMD JUL 16 2021 2.5 Puts @ .17 (only got a partial)

ALB Put Roll Up / TQQQ Put

$ALB BTC 6/18 160 put and STO 6/18 165 put at added .55 credit
$TQQQ STO 7/16 85 put at 1.90

VXX – more covered calls

Sold to Open:
VXX Jun 18 2021 37.5 Call at $0.81
VXX Jun 18 2021 37.0 Call at $0.86
VXX Jun 18 2021 36.5 Call at $0.94


Closing my last short position in this name
Bought to Close 1 LABU Jun 11 2021 55.0 Put at $0.05. It won’t trade any lower.
Sold this at $3.25.

I’m left with some long September Puts at 35 and 40 that are free lottery tickets because I recovered the cost with my initial writes against them at the time of purchase.

Continuing to scale out of BIIB put calendar

Sold 6/11+6/18 400 put calendar @ 5.00 for 150% profit on this lot. I have now taken 60% of my position off and will hopefully be completely out by later today or tomorrow. It’s been a terrific trade, thank you @Hawk.


STO January 2022, 40 put at 2.10

GME earning price poll

It will report AMC today.

If you have to throw a dart at a big board for GME price by Friday, where will you aim at?

BTW the straddle is valued at $65 at the moment.

CHWY earnings question

@Hawk Is this something that could work? Set the trade prior to the event. I know we did BIIB after the announcement but can the same theory work prior? What’s my biggest risk in something like this? Earnings tonight.

Sell Jun 11th 80 put and Buy Jun 18th 80 put @ about .70 debit

VXX Covered Calls

Only a couple of days until expiration so scalping some short term premium.
Sold to Open:
VXX Jun 11 2021 37.0 Call at $0.21
VXX Jun 11 2021 36.5 Call at $0.24
VXX Jun 11 2021 36.0 Call at $0.29

WFC early rollup

Used this morning’s weakness to adjust a short call.

Bought to close WFC Jun 11 2021 45.5 Calls at $0.74. Sold these last week on a rollout at $1.42

Sold to Open WFC Jun 18 2021 46.0 Calls at $0.77 for a Net Credit of $0.03