Closing SPY

I didn’t like the close today for my bearish SPY trade so I took it off for a loss in the extended hours session. Sold $SPY Jun 25 420 puts @ 2.05. Bought for 2.87 on Friday.

VXX Calls

Sold VXX Jun 18 2021 35.0 Covered Calls at $0.39 with the stock @ 31.50


Added a tiny bit of CLX stock at 174.46 – a new 52week low

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Sold to close $SPX June 16th 4235/4215 put spreads for 6.00. Condors bought last Thursday for 14.45. Will sell call spreads in an upswing.


#BullPutSpreads – Staying involved in case it breaks out to all time highs. If it implodes I’ll take stock at a basis only 2.10 higher than whatever it drops to.

Sold TQQQ JUL 2 2021 115.0/110.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.90


STO June 25, 110 put at 3.90 for a small trade. Come and get me mister market.


Sold SLB Jun 18 2021 36.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.27 replacing last week’s 35.0 Calls that I covered for a penny on Friday.


Sold 1 TQQQ Jun 18 2021 112 Call at $1.15 against some long calls left over from earlier diagonal spreads.


Couldn’t decide whether to dump the long left over from the 260/400 diagonal call spread that I had when the short 260 expired Friday or to write against the 07/02 400.0 long call, but I finally decided on a #DoubleDip re-write.
Sold 1 GME Jun 18 2021 280 Call at $12.00


STO July 30, 75 put at 1.05 in my IRA


BTC June 18, 45 puts at .01, sold at 1.28