AMC Calls

Sold AMC Aug 13 2021 36.0 Diagonal Calls at $2.29.
Stock at 33.50. #Earnings tonight

GTLS Put Close

$GTLS BTC 8/20 155 put at 1.00. STO at 8.00 on 7/21


$TQQQ BTC 8/27 put at .40. STO at 1.72. Thank you @jsd501
$TQQQ STO 8/13 126 put at .30. Thank you @optioniceman

$PINS STO 8/13 60 call at .65
$BNTX STO 8/13 450call at 14.70
$LABU STO 8/13 62.50 call at 1.50
$NVAX STO 8/13 220 call at 3.80
$TSLA STO 8/13 735 call at 5.50

SPX trades

#SPX7dteLong Bought to Open $SPX Aug 13th 4410/4430-4440/4460 condors for 14.10, with SPX at 4434.


SLV long puts closed

Sold to close SLV Aug 20 2021 21 Puts at $0.20.
Bought these back on 5/23 at $0.17.
I’ve written against it at least 6 times, collecting at least twice the original cost.


Sold TLRY Aug 13 2021 16.0 Covered Calls at $0.11 replacing similar calls that expired Friday


STO September 24, 100 put at 1.94, I am selling only a half position because September can be a very bad month for the market.


Sold 1 COIN Aug 13 2021 305.0 Call at $5.79 and 1 COIN Aug 13 2021 230.0 Put at $1.00 for a total strangle premium of $6.79


Sold 1 VXX Sep 03 2021 30.0 Covered Call at $2.01
Sold VXX Aug 13 2021 27.0 Diagonal Puts at $0.13


Sold TQQQ Aug 13 2021 126.0 Puts at $0.38.
Little risk because of my in the money short calls

SPY Iron Condor Ladder Update….not much return….yet

The SPY IC Ladder started in Feb has shown significant swings in profit (high of $8,000 to low of $(5,000)…. I would not call it a winning strategy just yet. Annualized return as of Friday was 6%…..not worth the capital at risk. To date I was primarily selling the 45 DTE IC’s (or when they became available) and closing them around 21 DTE. Typically selling body width of 30 and wing width of 10. I stopped selling if the IV dropped below 14 (more recent development). I was rarely achieving the 1/3 value of the wing spread that TT recommend. Currently letting the DTE run lower to see if it helps. I haven’t been doing a lot of “adjustments”… the cottage for the summer and the internet connection is a little painful for rolling SPY spreads.

If anyone is interested in the complete list of trades to analyze let me know and I would be happy to share.

Open positions in the bottom table. Would like to see a pull back as current price has pushed a couple of the short calls ITM.