AMC Calls

Sold AMC Aug 20 2021 40.0 Diagonal Call at $1.19.
Sold AMC Aug 20 2021 42.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.84.
Now I need to sell more Puts


Sold TQQQ Aug 20 2021 120.0 Puts at $0.40.
Little risk because I continue to roll my TQQQ short calls every week.
TQQQ at 132


STO September 17, 180 put at 3.05, following Ramie

SPX trades

It actually is somewhat common for the first day after the Upside Warning fires that we get a pullback. It makes sense; it requires three straight days of low volatility to fire it, so a fourth day of some pullback seems in order. The UpW almost always works, but getting the timing right can be tough.

Sold to close $SPX Aug 16th 4435/4415 put spreads for 2.50. Looking for a bounce to close call side.

Sold to close $SPX Aug 18th 4450/4430 put spreads for 7.80. Still have time for the call side.



New Diagonal Spread
Bought 1 LABU Sep 24 2021 40.0 Put at $1.43
Sold 1 LABU Aug 20 2021 52.0 Put at $1.53
An initial credit of 0.10 and the chance to roll the short multiple times.
I also have excess long puts out to December that I can still write against if the stock collapses further, but the stock is at the low end of it’s trading range now with the 6-month low at 50 in mid May


Sold 1 COIN Aug 20 2021 290.0 Diagonal Call at $1.25 replacing the 267.50 Call that expired Friday

VXX Covered Ladder

Since the upside warning is on, covered all my long stock on the open:
Sold VXX Oct 01 2021 34.0 Call at $2.05
Sold VXX Oct 01 2021 45.0 Call at $1.09
Sold VXX Sep 24 2021 41.0 Call at $1.11
Sold VXX Sep 17 2021 38.0 Call at $1.06
Sold VXX Sep 10 2021 34.0 Call at $1.07
Sold VXX Sep 03 2021 30.5 Call at $1.13