SPX7dte/5dte Results

#SPX5dte (formerly #SPX7dteLong) I started this during the depths of the pandmeic-panic in April 2020. I was getting blown out on my #SPX1dte strategy with gap opens that hadn’t happened in years, and I realized it was pretty much guaranteed that the market would move more than 20 points each week. I stuck with it and it turns out it has been a workable strategy even in quieter times. After a weaker performance in Jan-Jun 2021, I started being more active with exits, rather than waiting for expiration. That as helped and you can see the trend improving in recent months. Happy to answer questions, and I can provide more details in the coming weeks.

The chart is tracking PER OPTION gains and losses, so does not account for quantities. Currently, for every $15,000 in each account, I am buying 1 condor per expiry in this strategy, and simultaneously 1 condor per expiry in my #SPX1dte strategy. So for this strategy from April 2020 to present I have made 10K for every 15K in each account.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 7.23.39 AM