Expiration / Assignment

#optionsexpiration #assignment
$PFE 47.5 call called away
$HOOD 37.5 call
$LVS 43 call
$T 25.5 call
$NVAX 210 call
$SOXL 40.5 put Thanks @fuzzballl
$TQQQ 105 put
$TQQQ 110 put
$MARA 59 put


Only a little left after my Rolls:

AMC 50/43 Bear Call Spread
AMC 37.0 Diagonal Puts
AMC 33.0 Diagonal Puts
LABU 35/59.50 Bull Put Spread
LABU 50 Diagonal Puts
SLV 17.50/21.50 Bull Put Spreads
TLRY 20/11.50 Bear Call Spread
TLRY 11.5 Covered Calls

SPX weekend trade

Was hoping for a stronger move up into the close like the last 1,000 Fridays to get more premium but this will have to do.

Sold to open $SPXW Nov 8 4725/4750 bear call spread @ 1.40, short strike 14 delta.

TNA & TQQQ Calls rolled

Rolled 147.0 Call out a week for a credit
Rolled 155.0 Call to 156.0 Call at a credit
Rolled 157.5 Call to 159.0 Call at a credit
Rolled 160.0 Call to 162.0 Call at a credit
Rolled 98.0 and 99.0 Calls out a week for a credit
Rolled 105.0 Calls to 107.50 Calls at a credit

AMC Call Rollup

Bought to Close 1 AMC Nov 05 2021 40.0 Call / Sold to Open AMC Nov 12 2021 48.0 Call at $0.16 Credit plus a giant 8 point bump in the short strike.
My short AMC 33 and 37 Puts plus my 43 call will expire

SLV Call Rollup

Bought to close SLV Nov 05 2021 22.5 Covered and Diagonal Calls at $0.01
Sold to Open SLV Nov 12 2021 23.0 Calls at $0.08 and $0.09

FB SQ BUPS Close / LABU Put / MSTR PFE Call Roll / TNA Put Close / PFE Call

$FB BTC 11/19 300/320 BUPS at 1.57. STO at 4.95
$SQ BTC 11/19 240/250 BUPS at 2.31. STO at 3.55

$LABU STO 11/19 52.5 put at 1.30 Thank you @fuzzballl
$TNA BTC 11/19 70 put at .10. STO at 1.26. Thank you @fuzzballl

$MSTR BTC 11/5 800 call and STO 11/12 850 call at added credit of 13.53
$PFE BTC 11/5 46 call and STO 11/12 46 call at added credit of .23. See if stock settles down. MRK did
$PFE STO 11/5 47.5 call at .20

TSLA Spread

Well at least I didn’t lose money on this short 🙂
Bought to close 1 TSLA Nov 05 2021 1,190.0 Diagonal Call at $36.72. Sold Monday at $38.04
And my long hedge in December is up about 9-10 points.

Replaced the short with 1 TSLA Nov 12 2021 1,235.0 Call at $42.90.
So a $6.18 Credit and lowered the spread requirement $4500.

Maybe this new short will expire 🙂 🙂

Closing ROKU calendar

I put this on yesterday and completely lost track of it this morning. I would have closed for a much smaller loss but this one was mostly pilot error. Sold to close $ROKU Nov5/Nov 12 300 put calendar @ 1.30. Bought for 3.59 yesterday.


Any idea why we had a 10% spike in VIX?


#ShortPuts – Small add at the bottom of the ladder.

Sold TQQQ DEC 17 2021 130.0 Put @ 2.55


#ShortPuts – Continuing my move away from having so many individual stocks. The “work from home” stocks are getting killed today after the jobs report so using this to stay involved but eliminate single stock risk. Selling the expected move below all major moving averages and near recent lows. Starter size for me (1). 🙂 🙂

Sold ARKK DEC 17 2021 110.0 Put @ 2.20

Top 10 holdings are about 50 percent of the fund.



STO December23, 170 put at 13.05 on one contract in my IRA

VXX Calls

Rolling this weeks covered calls to a strike equal to my largest short put position for next Friday.
I wouldn’t mind rolling the calls if I can cover the puts for a penny. (but it’s unlikely)
Bought to Close VXX Nov 05 2021 26.0 Calls at $0.01
Bought to Close VXX Nov 05 2021 25.0 Calls at $0.01
Bought to Close VXX Nov 05 2021 23.0 Calls at $0.01
Bought to Close VXX Nov 05 2021 22.5 Calls at $0.01
Bought to Close VXX Nov 05 2021 22.0 Calls at $0.01
Bought to Close 1 VXX Nov 05 2021 21.5 Calls at $0.02
Sold to Open VXX Nov 12 2021 23.0 Calls at $0.22, $0.23, $0.24, $0.26 and $0.29


PTON is down 35%


DKNG is down 3.3%


#CoveredCalls – Rolled down twice today. Selling under my basis but keeping more downside protection.

Rolled ZM NOV 19 2021 267.5 Call to NOV 19 2021 260.0 Call and then to Nov 19 2021 250.0 Call @ 10.50 credit (22.35 total now)

CTXS Stock

A former #SP500 #FallingKnife trading back at a new low.
I first bought this on 07/29 at $94.70 but exited it in September at $115.00 before getting back in at $92.14 on 10/12.
Added a tiny bit today at $90.00.
Will wait for $85 to add again.


#ShortPuts – A small one a couple weeks out. Selling below all major moving averages and near recent lows.

Sold LABU NOV 19 2021 52.5 Puts @ 1.05

SPX trades

#SPX1dte STOPPED, Bought to close $SPX Nov 5th 4595/4615 call spreads for 2.50. Condors sold yesterday for .95. Stop really was hit in pre-market when I should have exited, but fortunately we have faded from the highs so my loss is bearable.


SPX7dte/5dte Results

#SPX5dte (formerly #SPX7dteLong) I started this during the depths of the pandmeic-panic in April 2020. I was getting blown out on my #SPX1dte strategy with gap opens that hadn’t happened in years, and I realized it was pretty much guaranteed that the market would move more than 20 points each week. I stuck with it and it turns out it has been a workable strategy even in quieter times. After a weaker performance in Jan-Jun 2021, I started being more active with exits, rather than waiting for expiration. That as helped and you can see the trend improving in recent months. Happy to answer questions, and I can provide more details in the coming weeks.

The chart is tracking PER OPTION gains and losses, so does not account for quantities. Currently, for every $15,000 in each account, I am buying 1 condor per expiry in this strategy, and simultaneously 1 condor per expiry in my #SPX1dte strategy. So for this strategy from April 2020 to present I have made 10K for every 15K in each account.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 7.23.39 AM

Rolling AMZN

With the stock breaching the call spread, rolled $AMZN Nov 19 3190/3200/3530/3540 iron condor out to Dec 3 3420/3430/3650/3660 iron condor @ .50 credit. Total premium taken in now 4.00.


#CoveredCalls – Will be assigned stock this weekend. Getting a jump on earnings next week selling the calls today. Selling slightly under basis for a little more downside protection.

Sold SPCE NOV 12 2021 18.0 Calls @ 2.15


MRNA is down 20%
Jan 150 Puts are $3


#ShortPuts – Adding…filled right at the open.

Sold LABU DEC 10 2021 52.5 Put @ 2.50

LABU Call Rollup

Rolled lower strike calls yesterday. This is the last one for this week in LABU.
Bought to close 1 LABU Nov 05 2021 62.0 Call at $1.60. Sold on Wednesday at $2.79.
Sold to Open 1 LABU Nov 12 2021 66.0 Call at $0.05 Credit to replace it.
My 2 small short LABU 50.0 Puts will expire this afternoon

October Jobs Report

#Jobs — After two months below, October was ABOVE expectations. Additionally, 235K were added in prior-month revisions.

Gain of +531,000 non-farm payroll jobs, vs. expected gain of 450K.
Unemployment at 4.6%, down by 0.2
U6 unemployment at 8.3%, down by 0.2
Labor force participation 61.6%, unchanged
Average hourly earnings up 0.4%, or 4.9% year over year

September jobs revised up by +118K to +312K
August jobs revised up by +117K to +483K