SPX trades

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Nov 29th 4420/4440-4700/4720 condors for 1.15, SPX at 4614, IV 18.7%, deltas -.07 +.06. My put side dropped 190 points from today’s expiry!

Very foolish not to close today’s 4630/4610 put spread at the open, when it got down to 4.00. I was looking to close then, but reversal happened too fast on me then I took a huge dose of hopium. Now I’m looking for SPX to recover more in this final half hour to minimize (or fingers crossed, eliminate) my losses.

#SPX5dte Expected to expire with max profit of 20.00: Nov 26th 4700/4680 put spreads, bought last Friday for 15.70, so 4.30 profit.