STO 4 MAR 2022 17.5 CALL @.45 NYSE


#ShortPuts – Taking off my highest strike for beer money.

Bought to Close SPY MAR 18 2022 420.0 Put @ 4.95 (sold for 5.50)

CRM Call Roll

$CRM BTC 3/4 210 call and STO 3/11 215 call at added credit of .30. Gain $5 if called away


sto 11 MAR 2022 50 CALL @.26


$DWAC STO 3/4 103 call at 2.50
$LABU STO 3/4 17.5 call at .45


STO April 14, 20 put at 2.60


STO March 18, 48 put at 2.30

XLV early Put roll

Bought to close XLV Mar 04 2022 133.0 Puts at $2.60. Sold on a roll last week at $7.77
Sold to Open XLV Mar 11 2022 132.0 Puts at $2.65 for a $0.05 Credit and gained a point on the short strike


STO June 17, 80 call at 1.02,I think we are in a long term bear market.


#CoveredCalls – Sold SOXL MAR 11 2022 38.0 Calls @ 3.50

C Stock

Started a tiny new position in C at $56.98

RSX Diagonal Puts

Bought to Open RSX May 20 2022 3.0 Puts at $0.55
Sold to Open RSX Mar 04 2022 6.5 Puts at $0.70 for a $0.15 Spread Credit
Long DTE = 79
Short DTE = 2
If this war drags on in the Russian Markets stay closed, I should get multiple re-writes on the long.

SPX trades

#SPX Sold to close $SPX Mar 2nd 4400/4420 call spreads for 1.95. Bought yesterday for 2.20. This did not work out the way I wanted, as we went lower rather than higher into yesterday’s close. I fortunately got the opening bounce I was looking for, but from the lower level it’s not enough, so I’m closing now to keep the loss small. Theta is a stone-cold killer on options expiring today. I’m not waiting for the small (but possible) chance of a huge spike up based on what Powell says. I’ll save the chips for another day.


Powell Testimony Today & Tomorrow

For anyone who wants to watch, it starts at 10:00 AM Eastern: