LABU 13.50 Covered Calls

TNA 69/50 Bear Call Spread
TNA 70/50 Bear Call Spread
TNA 75/55.5 Bear Call Spread
TNA 58, 59, & 60 Covered Calls

TQQQ 62/42 Bear Call Spread
TQQQ 42.0 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 42.5 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 43.0 Diagonal Call
TQQQ 45.0 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 49.0 Diagonal Calls
TQQQ 45, 45.5, 49 & 50 Covered Calls

VXX 28.5 Diagonal Calls
VXX 29.5 Diagonal Call
VXX 24.5 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango
VXX 24.0 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango
VXX 22.0 Diagonal Puts — #VXXContango


VXX Calls

For the first time in a long while I had to roll some VXX Calls as VXX topped $28 five minutes before the close, it’s highest price in over a month.

Bought to close VXX Apr 29 2022 28.0 Calls at $0.14. Sold at an average price of $0.37.
Sold to Open VXX May 06 2022 33.0 Calls at $0.31 for a $0.17 Credit and bumped the short strike up 5 points.

Also rolled my VXX 27.50 calls to next week’s VXX 30.0 Calls for a $0.17 Credit and
rolled my VXX 27.0 Calls to next week’s VXX 28.50 Calls for a $0.12 Credit.

Covered my short VXX 29.50 Calls at $0.01. Sold this week at $0.35

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold To Open just after the closing bell: $SPX May 2nd 3900/3925-4265/4290 condors for 1.60, SPX closed at 4132, IV 27.8%, deltas -.06 +.06. *** 25-wide ***


STO 6 MAY 2022 18 PUT @.53



BTC SPX 100 (Weeklys) 13 MAY 2022 4445/4450 CALL @.35 /STO .70
SOLD -1 CALENDAR LABU 100 (Weeklys) 6 MAY 22/29 APR 22 9.5 PUT @.30 credit



BTC 13 MAY 2022 33 CALL @.22/
sto yesterday @.53

will take 50% for 1 day and wait for next bump up.

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX Apr 29th 4145/4130 put spreads for 1.85. Condors sold for 1.15 yesterday. Was hoping a 4-for-4 week but alas, it was not to be as my stop was hit below 4167. Also, I mistakenly sold 15-wide rather than my usual 20-wide.

I hope y’all sold the crap out of yesterday’s rally.


STO INTC Sep16’22 35 PUT @1.16
STO INTC Jan20’23 35 PUT @1.98

Markets & Funds


Barclays is halting sales of 30 iPath exchange-traded notes, nearly a month after an error forced the bank to halt redemptions of its oil and VIX futures notes.

The sales halt is effective as of trading Thursday and affects nearly $2.8 billion worth of assets between 30 notes.

In a statement, the bank said it is amending financial statements in its calendar year 2021 annual report regarding internal controls. Since its ETN prospectuses reference that document, Barclays said it cannot continue to sell those securities until it amends the note registration and registration shelf statements.

A Barclays spokesperson declined to comment on when the bank expects to make amendments and restart sales.

Barclays is restating parts of its annual report in part due to its mid-March suspension of the iPath Pure Beta Crude Oil ETN (OIL) and the iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (VXX). The bank said it had issued roughly $15.2 billion more of the notes than the $20.8 billion maximum in the registration statements for approximately a year due to an administrative error.

The bank took a $591 million charge for the quarter in connection with the error.

VXX Puts

Bought to open VXX Aug 19 2022 12.0 Puts at $0.10.
Will use as the long against future short VXX weekly Puts.



btc april 29/10 put/had sold @.95
rolled to and down ,sto MAY 6, 9.5 @.15 credit

LABU Put Rolled out and down

Bought to close 1 LABU Apr 29 2022 9.5 Put at $0.38. Sold on Tuesday at $0.68
Rolled it to 1 LABU May 06 2022 9.0 Put at $0.68 for a $0.30 Credit

Also rolled out my short LABU 12.50 and 13.00 Puts to next week for small credits.