VXX Calls

For the first time in a long while I had to roll some VXX Calls as VXX topped $28 five minutes before the close, it’s highest price in over a month.

Bought to close VXX Apr 29 2022 28.0 Calls at $0.14. Sold at an average price of $0.37.
Sold to Open VXX May 06 2022 33.0 Calls at $0.31 for a $0.17 Credit and bumped the short strike up 5 points.

Also rolled my VXX 27.50 calls to next week’s VXX 30.0 Calls for a $0.17 Credit and
rolled my VXX 27.0 Calls to next week’s VXX 28.50 Calls for a $0.12 Credit.

Covered my short VXX 29.50 Calls at $0.01. Sold this week at $0.35