DIS and WBD Stocks

I’ve been avoiding non-dividend paying stocks lately, but I did average down two existing positions today.
Bought a tiny bit of DIS at $99.47
Bought a tiny bit of WBD at $15.17
#SP500 #FallingKnife


Another light week. Didn’t have to roll much, and the Calls I rolled up yesterday and most of the VXX puts I rolled down would have expired today. Sigh 😦

LABU 8.0 Covered Calls
TNA 44.0 Call
TNA 44.5 Covered Call
TNA 46.5 Covered Call
TNA 47.5 Covered Call
TNA 56/45 Bear Call Spread
TNA 56/47 Bear Call Spread
TQQQ 31.0 Covered Calls
TQQQ 33.0 Covered Calls
TQQQ 35.5 Covered Calls
VXX 37/26.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 36/25.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 35/26.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 35/26 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 34/25 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 21.0 Put — #VXXContango
VXX 20.5 Puts — #VXXContango

SPX 1-dte

Sold to Open $SPX 3750/3770-4015-4035 condors for 1.30, SPX at 3909, IV 22.4%, deltas -.06 +.06

Closing MRNA

Bought to close $MRNA Jun 17 150/160 bear call spread @ .24. Sold for 1.60 on 5/24.

VXX Calls

Starting in on next week’s sales
Sold VXX Jun 17 2022 26.5 Calls at $0.42 and $0.44
Sold VXX Jun 17 2022 27.0 Calls at $0.29 and $0.37

Paired with all the short puts I rolled into yesterday for next week.

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte I just knew I should have gone long last night and I didn’t do it. So tough to follow my gut when my gut can often be wrong.

Haven’t closed it yet but I will be looking to do it at the open… almost was going to get 5 wins this week, but the struggle continues.

LABU early assignment

My LABU 06/10/2022 8.0 Put was assigned overnight. Basis for the new stock after put premium is $6.15

VXX Call Scalps

at the close Thursday
Sold VXX Jun 10 25.0 Calls at $0.12
Sold VXX Jun 10 25.5 Calls at $0.08
1 day to expiration