SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Bought to Open $SPX June 29th 3700/3720-3920/3940 condors for 1.25. Taking the same approach as yesterday, even though it didn’t pan out today. Decisions on when to clese are much more difficult when going long. Had I sold at the peaks today, would have gotten 1.00 on call side and 1.60 on put side. But it seems that while my usual short strategy racks up successive small wins and occasional chunky losers, a successful long strategy would consist of multiple small losses and occasional chunky wins. A few weeks ago after we ended a multi-day rally, the first big down day was followed by a couple of bigger down days. Are we starting the next leg lower?


#ShortPuts – Small add.

Sold AMZN JUL 15 2022 105.0 Put @ 3.15

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte I went long on today’s, and was hoping for a nice spike higher. Got up a bit over a dollar before retreating, so I missed fills. Now, on downside, sold half the position for .40. Holding the rest for possible deeper dive. Bought the condors for 1.25, so likely facing a loss unless we really crash today.


#CoveredCalls – Just one little quickie this morning gathering more premium.

Rolled NVDA JUL 1 2022 185.0 Calls to JUL 1 2022 180.0 Calls @ .45 credit (1.35 total now)

TNA Call

Sold 1 TNA Jul 01 2022 38.5 Call at $1.07

VXX Puts and Calls

Sold VXX Jul 01 2022 22.0 Puts at $0.27, adding to my position

Sold VXX Jul 01 2022 24.5 Calls at $0.16
Sold VXX Jul 01 2022 25 Call at $0.11

Sold a diagonal bear call spread:
Bought to Open VXX Jul 22 2022 32.0 Calls at $0.22
Sold to Open VXX Jul 01 2022 23.5 Calls at $0.28 for a $0.06 Credit for the first week.

Sold a diagonal bull put spread
Bought VXX Sep 16 2022 14.0 Puts at $0.21
Sold to Open VXX Jul 01 2022 22.0 Puts at $0.25 for a $0.04 Credit for the first week.
Long DTE = 80
Short DTE = 3

BA Stock

Sold of half of my tiny position in BA in my Roth acct at 145.54. Bought at $144.00.
Bought the other half at $127.00 and I’m holding that.
#FormerFallingKnife #RaisingCash