SPX stopped

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX Nov 4th 3810/3830 call spreads for .80. Condors sold for 1.35 this morning.

My P/L chart looks like railroad tracks on a candle chart. Here are results of last 4 weeks:


The good news is I can identify two mistakes from this week that turned it sour. If it weren’t for my human mistakes, the strategy would be the problem.

I have been tracking paper results if I used a “no stop” strategy, and it officially pulled slightly ahead of my actual gains. Had I gone with no stops since May 16th, my profits would be 11.7% higher.

As it is, my accounts are up an average of 22.3% since May 16th, using ONLY the #SPX1dte and a small amount of #SPX5dte.