Extending my daily ladder only through tomorrow
Bought 1 SPY Jan 27 2023 345.0 Put at $0.45
Sold to Open 1 SPY Jan 06 2023 375.0 Put at $0.80 for a $0.35 Credit and the short may expire tomorrow

I have an excess of long SPY puts leftover if it gets ugly tomorrow


Jobs Jobs Jobs

#Market The job growth just won’t abate… private sector growth way above expectations this morning, and market reacts negatively because it may signal continued rate hikes. Same could happen after tomorrow morning’s monthly report. I will not be trading tonight or tomorrow because of that and my schedule, and will likely skip a Monday trade as well.

Today’s trade is threatened but I did not stop out. The recent range has been pretty tight in terms of CLOSES…. intraday can get wanky, but last time the market closed in breach of my strikes was November 30 (I had stopped out earlier in day, so lost 4.00 rather than 20.00). In fact, I tracked all my #SPX1dte trades since May 1st, and I would have made about 13% more profit if I had followed a “no stop” approach, taking a few big losses but eliminating all of the small losses from stop-outs that ended up being unnecessary. So I’m analyzing the whole year to see if a no-stop approach would be okay.


#CoveredCalls #SyntheticCoveredCalls – A few.

AMZN: Another round.

Bought to Close AMZN JAN 6 2023 88.0 Calls @ .10 (sold for .95)

Sold AMZN JAN 20 2023 89.0 Calls @ 1.20


Bought to Close SPY JAN 5 2023 383.0 Calls @ .15 (sold for 5.40 and 5.90)

Sold SPY JAN 6 2023 380.0 Calls @ 2.61 and 3.05)


Bought to Close TQQQ JAN 6 2023 19.0 Calls @ .01 (sold for .21)


Bought to close TNA Jan 06 2023 36.0 Covered Calls at $0.01
Sold to open TNA Jan 06 2023 32.0 Covered Calls at $0.42 for additional premium on a one day scalp trade.

Bought to close TQQQ Jan 06 2023 19.5 Covered Calls at $0.01
Sold to open TQQQ Jan 06 2023 17.0 Covered Calls at $0.29 for additional premium on a one day scalp trade.

Sold to open VXX Jan 06 2023 14.5 Covered Calls at $0.06 and $0.10


STO VERTICAL SPY 12 JAN 23 359/355 PUT @.18 and .20