Tail spin continues

#SPX1dte. No, I didn’t get out. I was driving to work when this happened.

Obviously, I need to stop this tail spin. No trade for tomorrow anyway, due to Fed decision. But most likely I need to do two things: (1) get back to basics with condors, even if low premium, and (2) not trade if I can’t be by the computer all morning.

Something changed in the market and SPX options a couple weeks ago. It completely uprooted my strategy which had been going very strong since last summer. I clearly was not ready for that change. I was going on my first quarter mentality of “everything’s fine every day.” It was, and now it isn’t.

As for today, I’m only left to hope for a bounce. That probability is high enough to stop me from closing now for 15.00+.

And now a writers strike has hit Hollywood, so I’m also out of a job!