STC SPX 4200 calendar $9 on the last contract.

The premium is definitely lower with the low IV. In the few rare occasions in the 2000-2022 era, with an almost pin to the strike on expiration, this type of calendar can get 12-18.


CMA 50.0 Covered Call

HD 260/270 Bull Put Spread
HD 255/265 Bull Put Spread
HD 270.0 Diagonal Put

GPS 7.5 Puts

KRE 29/35 Bull Put Spread
KRE 34.0 Diagonal Puts

LABU 8/7 Bear Call Spread
LABU 8.5/7.5 Bear Call Spreads

LNC 25.0 Covered Call

MET 40/48 Bull Put Spread

SOXL 18.5/17.5 Bear Call Spread
SOXL 17.5 Diagonal Call

UVXY 5.0 Covered Calls

VNO 12.5 Diagonal Puts

VXX 36/37/39/40.0/40.5/41.0/41.5 Covered Calls
VXX 58/45 Bear Call Spread
VXX 57/45 Bear Call Spread
VXX 56/45 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 55/44.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 54/44 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 53/43.5 Bear Call Spreads
VXX 52/44 Bear Call Spreads

VXX 29/34 Bull Put Spreads #VXXContango
VXX 30/35 Bull Put Spreads #VXXContango

ZION 27.5 Covered Call


Bought 1 PNC 05/19/2023 119.00 Call at $0.05 (it can’t trade any lower). Sold on Wednesday at $1.00
Sold 1 PNC 05/26/2023 124.00 Call at $0.45 to replace it.

Sold 1 SOXL May 26 2023 19.0 Call at $0.23 to replace 1 May 19 2023 17.5 Call that is about to expire.


#ShortPuts – A little starter out in June.

Sold SPY JUN 16 2023 405.0 Put @ 3.00

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte Well, wrong again, and a fourth week of losses. I still have a long shot to make some money on the long call spread but looking pretty doubtful.

Bought to close $SPX May 19th 4175/4155 put spreads for 2.40.

I’m frankly stunned at how difficult this became compared to the first quarter of the year.


Bought to close 1 ZION May 19 2023 22.5 Puts at $0.01. Sold on Tuesday at $0.23

Bought to close LABU May 19 2023 7.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.01. Sold on Monday at $0.15

Bought to close LABU May 19 2023 6.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.56. Sold on a roll last week at $0.79
Sold LABU May 26 2023 6.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.67 for a $0.11 Credit

Bought to close HD May 26 250 / May 19 265 Diagonal Bull Put Spread at Even. Sold the spread Tuesday at $0.20 Credit

Rolled this week’s SOXL 17.0 Diagonal Calls to next week’s SOXL 18.0 Diagonal Calls at $0.10 Credit

Rolled this week’s SOXL 3.5 Covered Calls to next week at $0.08 Credit

Bought to close PNC May 26 129 / May 19 121 Diagonal Bear Call Spread at $ 0.05 CREDIT.
Sold the spread Yesterday at $0.35 Credit. #WinWin


SPX risk reversal

#SPX1dte #RiskReversal Yesterday we got our first $VIX close of three needed to trigger a new Upside Warning. So after getting stopped out of short call spread at the close, I am going bullish today.

Sold to Open $SPX May 19th 4175/4155 put spread for 1.15
Bought to open May 19th 4245/4265 call spreads for .95
Net credit: +.20

Looking to sell the first half for around 2.00 and then wait to see what happens for second half.
If I am wrong, then put side stop is currently at 4198.