SPX stopped

#SPX1dte Another day, another stop-out. BTC $SPX 4195/4215 call spreads for 2.30. Condors sold this morning for 1.15.

The market is just not offering the condor-width or the premium for the level of swings we are seeing intraday. After placing this trade in pre-market, I was almost stopped out to DOWN side, then after the open we have swung all the way up to stop out on UP side.

I hope this is a temporary issue and that the next correction (or decent pullback) will put us back to where we’ve been for a few years now. As it stands now, I am stuck in an irreversible slump.

And as happened yesterday, right at the moment I determine I must not let the SPX go further against me and to bite the bullet, the reversal comes almost immediately.