MARA Put Roll / Expiration / Assigned (I keep staring at first three letters)

$MARA BTC 3/26 42 put and STO 4/16 39 put at added 60 credit and 3 lower if assigned

$TQQQ 110 Call Thank you @jsd501

$WYNN 140 put
$PENN 111 put
$NIO 35 call
$SNOW 215 call Too bad I rolled down yesterday from $230. C’est la guerre

Have a pleasant weekend. Thanks to all who toil in @jeffcp66‘s wonderful vineyard.


$SOLO 10 call
$NVTA 55 call
$NNDM 20 call
$SDC 13 call
NNDM 17.50 call
$WYNN 130 call
$LAZR 22.5 put Thank you lightning strikes again @fuzzballl
$TQQQ 65 put Thank you @jsd501
$OXY 20 put
$ARK 120.96 put Thank you @ramie77
$TQQQ 60 put Thank you @jsd501
$NEO 50 put
$LABU 95 put Thanks @fuzzballl
$WATT 3.50 put
$LGVW/BFLY 20 put
$MRVL 51 Put

$SWI 17.50 put
#Called away
$NVTA 50 calls

And finally my terribly mismanaged spread trades.
All expired at total loss.
$FB 285/310 BUCS
$BA 240/300 BUCS
$MRVL 52/60 BUCS

Have a nice weekend

And @jeffcp66 thanks for all you do – and you do it all! Plus podcasts – Whew

Assigned on BAX Covered Calls, Profit $3,325 in 82 days, 3.8% or 17% annualized.


Baxter had a nice jump in stock price the last couple of days closing at over $86 yesterday. We were short Aug 28 $83 and $83.50 calls. Plans were to roll the options up and out (diagonal) today and hope the upward momentum continued. Stock goes Exdiv today with a dividend of $.245 which we intended to capture. Made a mistake not rolling up to “out of the money” strike price yesterday and lost the dividend ($367) as a result.

We may replace the position today. Baxter doesn’t have the volatility (lower return on covered calls) but it pays a solid dividend and is a good core healthcare holding.

#bax, #assigned, #coveredcalls

WMT TQQQ Put Closed / Expirations

$WMT BTC 6/19 116 put at .50. STO at 1.03 on 5/18 Thank you @thomberg1201
$TQQQ BTC 6/12 55put at .05. STO at 2.30 on 5/13 Thank you @fuzzballl

$ROKU 114 call
$ROKU 113 call
$RAD 14 call
$NUGT 72 call
$VXX 32.5 call Sold against August @jeff 85 call. Thank you @optioniceman
$TQQQ 60 put Thank you @fuzzballl
$SPY 260 put Thank you @fuzzballl
$AMD 50 put
$SQ 89 put

$UVXY 32.5 put. Better sell those shares first thing Monday
Never leave home with an expiring trade
$SPX 6/5 3160/3180 BECS. I had a conditional order placed using Schwab platform. If $SPX bid is 3150 than close at market. Did not fire. Schwab says $SPX has no bid and my order could not work. I said it was their platform
that allowed the trade. They said I would not win in arbitration. Live and learn, I hope.

PYPL FB AMZN LABU BIDU Close Early Plus Expirations Assignments

Closed Early
$PYPL BTC 9/21 90/95 BUCS for .85 STO at 1.97
$AMZN BTC 9/21 1800 call at 116.80 BTO 8/6 at 65.62 Not around all day and got clobbered at EOD. Fortunately I have earned an MOB (Masters of Option Bistro) degree and sold 22.84 of calls against the long calls (rolling often) Thanks to all the Jolly rollers who taught me that aspect.
$BIDU STC 9/21 220/230 BUCS at 9.50 BTO at 4.08
$LABU STC 9/21 95.50 calls at .35 BTO at 3.90
$FB BTC 9/21 155/165 BUPS for .40 STO at 2.50
Closed Early
$AMZN BTC 9/21 1880/1900 BUPS at .05. STO 8/29 for 2.70

$TNDM 40 call Covered
$KR 31 call Covered
$NVDA 285 call
$MTN 300 call
$DBX 26.5 call Covered
$ESPR 40 put
$TNDM 35 put
$MO 61 put
$SRPT 137/142 BUCS
$NFLX 320/335 BUPS

Total Loss
$TSLA 330/340 BUPS

$TNDM 45 and 44 puts Basis 41.4

Thanks to all that make the bistro special. Have a great weekend